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In classic TCP/IP networking paradigm network elements (such as routers, switches, hubs) perform only a limited set of basic operations on the packets (such as forwarding and routing, fragmentation, packet dropping, header substitution).


Active Network proposes an interesting generalization of classical networking by incorporating almost unlimited packet transformation ability into the network elements via dynamically embedded programmable modules.


Here not only the header elements but also the contents of transiting packets may be revised, augmented, compressed, combined, or otherwise processed in transit. The potentials of such generalization are intriguing.


Medianet laboratory has spearheaded the advanced multimedia based application area of active networking for the DARPA initiative.


It has designed and implemented range of concept applications such as congestion adaptive perceptual video transcoding, network diffusion computing, extreme rate video transcoding, adaptive multi-casting and group communication, flexible deployment and upgrade of network protocols, application aware packet screening for network security, content aware video transcoding, symbiotic congestion control.

>> Javed I. Khan, Seung Su Yang, Darsan Patel, Oleg Komogortsev, Wansik Oh, and Zhong Guo, Q. Gu, P. Mail, Resource Adaptive Netcentric Systems on Active Network: a Self-Organizing Video Stream that Automorphs itself while in Transit Via a Quasi-Active Network, Proceedings of the Active Networks Conference and Exposition DANCE í2002, San Jose, CA May 21-24, 2002, IEEE Computer Society Press, pp.409-426. [KYPK02]


MM: Oleg Komogortsev and Javed I. Khan, Predictive Perceptual Compression for Real Time Video Communication , Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Multimedia, ACM MM04, New York, October 2004, best student paper contender, pp.220-227, (GS(2)). [KoKh04]


>> Javed I. Khan, A Polymorphic Formalism for Made-to-Order Custom Channel Building for Large Scale Netcentric Systems, Workshop on New Visions for Large-Scale networks: Research and Applications, Federal Large Scale Networking Working Group, DARPA, DOE, NASA, NIST, NLM, and NSF, Vienna, VA, March 12-14, 2001 (also selected as panel presentation). ). [PDF]


>> Javed I. Khan and Asrar Haque, An Active Programmable Communication Harness for Measurement of Composite Network States, IEEE International Conference on Networking, ICNí 2001, Colmer, France, pp628-638. [KhHa01]


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>> Javed I. Khan and Raid Y. Zaghal, Symbiotic Rate Adaptation for Time Sensitive Elastic Traffic with Interactive Transport, Journal of Computer Networks, Elsevier Science Volume 51, Issue 1, 17 January 2007, Pages 239-257 [DOI] [KhZa06b]





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It can be conjectured that activeness at network core fundamentally benefits all systems and applications which has 1-to-n or n-to-n modes of communication or an ensemble of 1-to-1 modes.


Medianet research team has also developed three innovative formalisms and frameworks for active networking namely made-to-order polymorphic channel, interactive protocol meta-engineering, and harness for programmable group communication with associated architectural implementations for the first two. Each offers a distinct flavor of building active system.


The lab has also pioneered active flow scheduling algorithms with joint node and link capacity constraints with applicability in large-scale net-centric computing models and traffic engineering.


This work has been supported by DARPA under its Active Network Initiative.




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