A conceptualization of Diadactic Engineering Map for learning and understanding Willeís proof of Farmetís Last Theorem.

Didactic Semantic Computing: Concept-centric Design of Learning

In this research we are exploring a new computing paradigm in the area of education and learning- didactic computing. Can some aspects of education processes be sharpened by computational algorithmics?


Using the late advances in knowledge engineering we are charting out fine grained knowledge map of the selected tertiary knowledge domains- in particular the area of computer science and engineering (and selected area of advanced mathematics).


We are then applying complex graph theory and algorithmics to demonstrate interesting computational possibilities in various learning process design problems. Today† many are considered to be in the realm of high level human cognition requiring human expertise.


We have shown algorithmic techniques for domain knowledge centric design and planning of advanced and complex topics where given the learning objective, student preparation, and formative constraints of a learning session, a teacher (or advanced learner him/herself) can design lessons to teach advanced and complex topics.



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In another work we show how test and exams can be richly characterized with respect to knowledge content, difficulties, and pedagogical parameters such as depth and coverage leading to concept centric test design.


Yet in another work we are charting learners knowledge growth processes based on concept retention, gains and gaps. These techniques usher new way towards personalized learning where a learners strengths, preparation, and interest can be used to design personalized learning lessons- drastically reducing time and complexity of learning advanced scientific and mathematical concepts.


We are also exploring new algorithmic grounds in understanding traditional learning theories of educational psychology.




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