The MPEG-2 Xcoder can reuse motion vector and derive new motion vectors for outgoing stream from incoming vectors while re-tiling (sub-sampling) for saving significant computation. We optimally mix re-quantization and retiling to minimize signal loss for a given reduction ratio.

Extreme Scalable Video Transcoding

Due to the increased asymmetry of the Internet the link speed difference between various parts of a network can vary 1-100 times.


This differential is further increasing. Fastest links of network is getting faster- the improvement of slowest links is very slow. Requatization is today’s dominant technique for transcoding but re-quantized can only go up-to 1:4 to 1:6 downsize ratio. How to gain further reduction scalability?



In this research we are investigating a range of techniques to extend the scalability range of video rate transcoding. In this research we are extending the range further by deeper content awareness. With ample bandwidth generally, mathematical and statistical analysis of sample based redundancy extraction techniques seems sufficient.



>>MMN: Javed I. Khan and Darsan Patel, Extreme Rate Transcoding for Dynamic Video Rate Adaptation, Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Wireless and Optical Communication, WOC03, July, 2003, Banff, Canada. [KhPa03], (GS(1)).


>>MMN: Javed I. Khan and Zhong Guo, Flock-of-Bird Algorithm for Fast Motion Based Object Tracking and Transcoding in Video Streaming, Proceedings of the 13th IEEE International Packet Video Workshop 2003, Nantes, France, April 2003.[PV2003] [KhGu03]


>>MM: Javed I. Khan and Oleg Komogortsev, A Hybrid Scheme for Perceptual Object Window Design with Joint Scene Analysis and Eye-Gaze Tracking for Media Encoding based on Perceptual Attention , Proceedings of the IS&T/ SPIE Symposium of Visual Communications and Image Processing 2004 EI04 Electronic Imaging 2004, January 2004, San Jose, California SPIE Vol. 5308, p. 1341-1352. [KhKo04]


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However, as the bits become scarce, it becomes increasingly important to distinguish between the various perceptual regions of a video spatial area. Region with perceptual significance are encoded with higher temporal and spatial resolutions.

In this research we are developing a low computation based object tracking algorithm suitable for full motion focus region based perceptual video recompression. We have also derived technique where sub-sampling is optimally combined with re-quantization. Overall we have successfully demonstrated 1-20 times video rate scalability with such intelligent content aware scheme.


The techniques developed can benefit serving video over extreme network environment.




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