Acuity Window. Human has only 1-2 degree sharp vision around the center of vision. The Lab is developing a roving acuity window that can keep over 90% of high acuity gazes confined using anatomical mechanics (left). The Blue Angel air show’s movie (top) is tracked and perceptually encoded in real time.

Perceptual Focus & Object Driven Digital Video Transcoding

This research is engaged in a video compressions and transmission scheme with perception engineering. We are developing an intelligent scientific and medical image transmission scheme for interactive high-resolution still/video image transmission which can use viewer’s perceptual feedback to deliver a high compression factor but with greater perceptual quality.


We are using a number of schemas to derive viewer visual perception with high precision. In one schema we have incorporated automatic eye-glance tracing mechanism to observe viewer’s perceptual focus. Then we use the mechanical model of eye dynamics and advanced prediction filters to accurately estimate viewer’s window of focus on the visual plane.


In another schema we have further incorporated real-time moving object analysis inside video stream to further identify the foci of attention. Based on this feedback, blocks in the view frames are assigned variable bit-rate and quality constraints.



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The encoder driven by a dynamic control algorithm adopts to these specifications in real-time with redistribution of spatial resolution and the bit allocation. It already saves 20-40% bits over conventional MPEG.


The research has contributed in improving the challenging short term prediction problem of eye-glance and has applicability in other areas such as human computer interaction. Indeed we have demonstrated how predictive eye-glance can be used for non-verbal communication in the playing of video games.


The result can radically accelerate remote projection of high definition and wide aperture video and graphics systems. We have extended the technique for multi-viewer case.


The work has been supported by DARPA. The paper on the topic has been best paper contender in ACM Multimedia 2004.




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