A typical composite hypermedia and the rendering rate functions of components.

Optimized Prefetch for Composite Hypermedia

The caching or prefetching techniques those have been studies consider a web-resource as a single monolithic document and do not consider document types or its internal composition.



However, today’s web-pages are composite hypermedia- rather than flat hypertext. Complex pages with multiple embedded entities of various modalities such as applets, banners, audio, video clips, are now ubiquitous in the modern sites- particularly in performance sensitive web sites.


Most previous pre-fetching techniques have been designed and validated only for hypertext, while in the mean time the web has transformed itself into composite hypermedia. 


In this research we study the issue of composite hypermedia prefetch. We demonstrate another analytically optimum technique for prefetch and caching scheduling based on the rendering constraint of the components of composite hypermedia including multimedia and deferred rendered contents.


This research is currently being sponsored by the Ohio Board of Regents.

>>WW: Javed I. Khan and Qingping Tao, Prefetch Scheduling for Composite Hypermedia, The IEEE International Conference on Communications, ICC’2001, Finland, June 2001, (GS(6)). [PDF]


>>WW: Javed I. Khan and Qingping Tao, Partial Prefetch for Faster Surfing in Composite Hypermedia, 3rd USENIX Symposium on Internet Technologies and Systems, USITS 2001, San Francisco, March 2001, pp13-24. [KhTa01], (GS(17)).


>>WW: Javed I. Khan, Dynamic Partial Prefetch Ranking in Hypermedia Neighborhood, Proc. of International Conference on Internet and Multimedia Systems and Applications, IMSA 2000, November 20-23, 2000 Las Vegas, USA, pp 280-285. [PDF]

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