IPMN: Mobility for Connection Oriented Communication

Handoff latencies and longer triangular routing paths in Mobile IP (MIP) severely decimate communication performance and in particular cripple connection oriented protocols like TCP. This inefficiency is a poster case of cross-layer design chaos in TCP/IP networking.


In this research we explore robust and streamlined mobility using the principle of Interactive Transparent Networking where network protocols remain lightweight but are meta-engineered for event based interactivity.


This concise but crucial meta-extension enables a whole range of complex systems to be engineered- particularly the ones inherently require coordination between multiple network layers.

>>MOBILE NETWORKING: Javed I. Khan, Sandeep Davu, & Raid Y. Zaghal, High Performance Mobility without Agent Infrastructure for Connection Oriented Services, Journal of Pervasive and Mobile Computing, Elsevier Science, February 2008 (accepted, February 2008). [KhDZ08]


>>MOBILE NETWORKING: R. Y. Zaghal, S. Davu, and J. I. Khan, An Interactive Transparent Protocol for Connection Oriented Mobility Performance Analysis with Voice Traffic, IEEE Wireless and Optical Communications, WiOPT05, 3rd IEEE Intl. Symposium on Modeling and Optimization in Mobile, Ad Hoc, and Wireless Networks, Riva Del Grande, Italy, April, 2005, pp.219-228. [ZaDK05]


>>MOBILE NETWORKING: Sandeep Davu, Raid Y. Zaghal and Javed I. Khan, An Infrastructureless End-to-End High Performance Mobility Protocol for Connection Oriented Applications using Interactive Transparent Networking, Proceedings of the 2005 IEEE International Conference on Electro Information Technology, 2005, Lincoln Nebraska, May 2005. [DaZK05]


>>NETWORK ARCHITECTURE: Javed I. Khan and Raid Y. Zaghal, Interactive Transparent Networking: Protocol Meta-modeling based on EFSM, Journal of Computer Communications, Elsevier Science, Volume 29, Issue 17, 8 November 2006, Pages 3536-3552[ DOI] [KhZa06a]





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We demonstrate superior mobility schemes (such IPMN) which offer loss-free handoff, removes triangulation, and do not require pre-deployed intermediary as in MIP. The event based interactivity on top enables wait free instantaneous layer-2 and layer-3 hand-off. These schemes also come with several systemic advantages. These do not impose any changes on original network protocols and fully adhere to the end-to-end principle.


We have implemented the scheme(s) on FreeBSD and tested it over the Internet with voice traffic. We show dramatically reduced handoff latency and smoother streams.


This work has been supported by DARPA under its Active Network Initiative.

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