Technical Report 2008-03-01
Internetworking and Media Communications Research Laboratories
Department of Computer Science, Kent State University


Thesis Title: 

Connection-Oriented Mobility Using Edge Point Interactivity

Sandeep Davu

Advisor: Dr. Javed I. Khan
Department of Computer Science
Kent State University

May 2008


Connection Oriented mobility requires moving the connection abstraction to new attachment point without disturbing existing applications. Achieving seamless user experience for applications that rely on reliable communication is a demanding task.  We used simple, light-weight re-organization (meta-engineering) on the protocols of the core networks to enhance them by making them interactive and transparent based on Interactive Transparent Networking (InTraN) already developed in medianet lab. InTRAN event set and API’s have been extended to Link Layer and IP Layers to support events of mobility. A secure, flexible, application-aware cross-layer interactive architecture called Interactive Protocol for Mobile Networks(IPMN) was developed to handle non-indelible periods of disconnection and network handoff’s.  The inherently hidden information in one layer can be used by other layers to achieve optimized results.  Events form Link Layer Network Layer and Transport Layer related to mobility are identified and subscribed by the application.  We have realized a FreeBSD implementation of the IPMN 2 layer scheme and later simulated a 3 layer approach for loss-free rapid handoff for mobile networking. Performance evaluations from both the real experimentation and simulations have revealed substantial improvements in performance, lower jitter and smooth application seamlessness.

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