Technical Report TR 2021-09-01
Internetworking and Media Communications Research Laboratories
Department of Computer Science, Kent State University

Data Paper for Man/Machine Co-Authoring of a Metric Report: A case study of Scientometric Analytics

by Dr. Amal Babour and Dr. Javed I. Khan
King Abdulaziz University, Kent State University

This research proposes a model for man/machine co-authoring of a scientometric research analysis report/paper for any selected country. The scholarly database utilized in this study is Microsoft Academic Graph. Given the two-letter code of the selected country, starting study year, and ending study year data concepts to the employed database, the model extracts the datasets including the scientific research information for the selected country in the specified period, and generates an in-depth analysis report about the country's research publications.This


Data Concepts Defenistions
Data Concepts for Saudi Arabia
ScientometricAnalysis (Template)
Final Man/Machine Coauthored ScientometricAnalysis (Saudi Arabia)